Nearly see-through silken ...

... what?!

Okay, all of you who read the subject line first, raise your hands. Then, all of you who read the first line above then went back to read the subject line, raise yours.

For those of you who thought I was going to write something scurrilous about lingerie, you'll be disappointed with what follows here!

I was in the bathroom, going through boxes of cosmetics to figure out which ones to throw away, when I noticed a wisp of air, a bit more solid than the air, but only a bit. Landed on the counter top was a tiny, nearly see-through, silken fairy creature, or what might have been taken for fairies once upon a day.

Watching this creature -- whatever it was, a moth or some other thing, it doesn't matter -- was a transfixing experience, trying to see what held it aloft, or what it rested itself on when landed, or what its eyes looked like...

This must have been what Moxie was observing and chasing yesterday! Sometimes cats stare off at a wall, enraptured and transfixed in their gaze. Calling to Moxie now didn't bring her trotting in to see what I had for her, but it flew off again, so she'll see it again in time.

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Thanks for the link, but this one didn't have those wings. The wings on this were more...just this side of invisible.