Crazy Cat!

This is 11 pm at our place every night. Every. Night.

Yes, Moxie has her elevenses, as I call her nightly spazz-attack -- thank you, J.R.R. Tolkien!

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Most of the time, our cat, Visitor, will be hard at work napping. But once in a while he'll suddenly decide it's time to burn off all of the energy he had been busy conserving. He'll zoom all over the place, or he'll hide behind something half his size and then suddenly bounce on imaginary creatures.
Visitor the cat might well be keeping some FSD somewhere and tripping like hell post-nap!

(* Well, what else would LSD be called when dropped by felines?)
He has his own personal supply of catnip.

This morning, instead of zooming, he was wandering around the kitchen, emitting the occasional meow. At one point he paused to carefully sniff my toes.
One's own personal supply of whatever-it-is is a really good idea. If he's growing his own, though, I'm guessing you'd know about it! :D

Carefully sniffing your toes, huh?